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Why choose Summit Wall Solutions for your provider of temporary walls?

Why Summit Wall???

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Amount of waste created when building temporary walls out of drywall and studs instead of resuable wall panels

“Helping to save our Earth, one panel at a time.” 


-- Leah Lindauer, Product Engineer at SwiftWall --


Go from a substantial mess to a sustainable solution: 

At the end of a project, every 4ft linear feet of traditionally built temporary wall takes with it about 100lbs of waste into the landfill-- a hefty weight arrived at by the 70lb sheet of drywall, metal studs, and all of the accessories required for its initial installation, including approximately 2lbs of joint compound, 16ft of tape, and a mix of drywall screws, sanding paper, and paint. 


Instead, collaborate with us to streamline this aspect of your project and shrink your carbon footprint in the process.  


On time?  On budget?  The usual questions asked of all construction projects.  Let us help you with both.  Our temporary wall systems solutions install up to five times faster than drywall, saving you the expense of additional labor and lost time on a job.  

Time saved of using our SwiftWall brand temporary wall solutions is five times faster than drywall and stud construction
Drywall and stud temporary wall constuction creates a huge mess, our wall solutions require no cutting and no mess


Traditional drywall walls generate too much of a mess for temporary purposes.  Sanding and cutting create dust.  Then there's the joint compound... whether to fill seams and indentations, or cover an entire surface, about 2lbs of this "mud" is needed for every 4ft by 8ft drywall sheet.  Tape (about 1ft is needed for every 2sqft of drywall) and paint only add to the mess of a multi-step process.  In contrast, our wall solutions offer a quick and clean alternative to the usual dust and debris.


Don't spend your money on mudding, painting, and demolition of a temporary wall... only to then throw it away and do it all over again.  Contact us about your project to utilize a more efficient and sustainable approach that reduces your overall budget with reusable temporary wall system solutions.

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