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Services that Summit Wall Solutions provides for temporary walls

Excellence in Service

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Installation & Removal

Installation of temporary walls

Whether your intention is to rent or buy a temporary wall solution, we are uniquely trained and equipped to guide the installation and removal of wall panels. We can further assist in managing changes to your wall system layout as your project moves from one phase to the next.



In conjunction with all our other services we offer complete logistics with our own staff, trucks and handling equipment.


Graphics applied to temporary walls

In partnership with local graphics experts, we are able to customize your walls.  Application of images can serve a multitude of purposes: market a product, provide information on the work in progress, or possibly even serve a purpose (such as giving direction in a large space).



Storage of temporary walls

For our clients who own their wall systems, we offer storage services in our secure, clean, heated warehouse.  Each component is shipped with a unique barcode, allowing us the ability to log, track and provide reports of your stored inventory.  Stored materials are always cleaned and disinfected upon arrival and prior to shipping out.

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