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SwiftWall Pro

Temporary Walls by SwiftWall Solutions are made in the USA

Beautifully finished panels that are super-fast to install using a track and channel system. Durable, interlocking panels can be combined with SwiftWall Pro Wall System door and window panels for an enclosed, customized space. An easy solution to quickly create more space, divide space, or transform an existing space.

Example image of our reusable, temporary wall systems
Example of our sustainable temporary wall systems

Features & Benefits

  • Installs 5X faster than studs and drywall

  • Simple track and panel system with non-hygroscopic ABS, textured finished on both sides of the wall for an elegant, finished appearance

  • Aluminum joiners for fast, easy, durable install

  • Very lightweight, durable, easy to handle, stronger than drywall

  • Multiple standard panel heights: 4, 8, 10, 12 and 16 ft (by 4 ft wide) can be stacked to any height

  • Quickly and easily cut to size with minimal mess

  • Easily install and remove graphics

  • STC21 sound rating to keep noise down

  • Class C fire rated with optional Class A aluminum skins

  • Quickly reconfigured

  • 20+ reuses plus sustainable and recyclable

  • Sustainable temporary walls

Sketch of our temporary wall systems

SwiftWall Pro modular wall panel system consists of interlocking panels, channels and rails. Various top and floor mounting options are available, as well as optional components like doors and windows. Endless configuration options can be created for free-standing structures, wall, partitions and enclosures.


  • Wall Panel (4 ft wide x 4, 8, 10, 12 or 16 ft high)

  • Rounded Corners

  • Track and C-Channel

  • Optional Temporary Window & Door Panel

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